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Recent Press Releases

10/31/2012: Kuster campaign releases new ad

10/15/2012: Kuster Talks College Affordability With NEC Students, Slams Bass On Pell Grants

10/15/2012: Congressman Bass Reaffirms That His Priorities Are Not With New Hampshire Seniors

10/12/2012: Kuster Wraps Up “Standing Up For Seniors” Tour, Releases List of 200+ Seniors For Annie

10/10/2012: Kuster Stands Out As Moderate Voice For Seniors and Middle Class at WBIN Debate

10/9/2012: Kuster Campaign Releases New Ad on Congressman Bass’s History of Corruption

10/5/2012: Kuster to Launch District-Wide “Standing up for Seniors” Tour

10/3/2012: Governor Romney Set to Defend Failed Romney-Bass Economics

9/19/2012: Congressman Bass’ Hypocrisy on Congressional Pay

9/18/2012: Annie Kuster on Mitt Romney’s closed door remarks about 47 percent of Americans

9/13/2012: Congressman Bass far From Bipartisan

9/6/2012: New Kuster Ad Highlights Congressman Bass’s Support of Privatizing Social Security

9/3/2012: Kuster Labor Day Statement

8/30/2012: Congressman Bass Hails Paul Ryan as “Inspirational Individual”

8/29/2012: Kuster Launches Second Ad of Campaign

8/28/2012: Kuster Campaign Announces Initial List of 40+ Current and Former Republicans for Annie

8/24/2012: Congressman Bass to Co-host Private Fundraiser with Paul Ryan, Continues to Avoid Constituents

8/23/2012: Congressman Bass to Flee New Hampshire, Head to Republican Convention

8/22/2012: Kuster to Attend Three Debates and Forums in General Election

8/21/2012: Kuster Calls on Congressman Bass to Urge Congressman Akin to Step Down in Wake of Offensive Comments

8/20/2012: Congressman Bass Attends Rally With Paul Ryan, Architect of the Ryan-Bass Plan to End Medicare as We Know It

8/16/2012: Breaking News: Paul Ryan to Campaign in New Hampshire, Tout Plan to End Medicare as We Know It

8/15/2012: Kuster Criticizes Ryan-Bass Plan to End Medicare as We Know it to Pay for Tax Cuts for Millionaires

8/14/2012: Kuster Launches First Ad of Campaign

8/11/2012: Statement on Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential Selection

7/31/2012: Kuster Endorsed by National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

7/30/2012: Kuster Marks Medicare Anniversary with Visits to New Hampshire Senior Centers

7/20/2012: Kuster Campaign to Show Grassroots Momentum With District-Wide Canvass Kickoff

7/19/2012: Kuster Endorsed by Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy

7/17/2012: Kuster Meets with Members of AFT-NH, Discusses Commitment to Supporting Working Families

7/16/2012: Kuster Maintains Momentum in Second Quarter Fundraising

7/11/2012: More Washington Political Games from Congressman Bass

7/10/2012: Kuster raises more than $480,000 in Second Quarter

6/28/2012: Statement on Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Decision

6/25/2012: Congressman Bass Votes to Send More Jobs Overseas

6/18/2012: Human Rights Campaign Endorses Ann McLane Kuster

6/7/2012: Annie Kuster Files Candidacy in New Hampshire 2nd Congressional District

6/6/2012: Republicans Vote Against Pay Equity and Working Families

6/4/2012: Endorsement: New Hampshire AFL-CIO Endorses Annie Kuster, Cites Kuster’s Desire to Fight for the Middle Class

5/9/2012: Endorsement: International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Council 35

5/8/2012: Endorsement: Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire

5/1/2012: Kuster Joins Lilly Ledbetter

4/30/2012: Kuster Continues Granite State Values Tour

4/25/2012: Congressman Bass Votes to Put College Out of Reach

4/17/2012: Congressman Bass’ Priority is to Protect Millionaires at the Expense of New Hampshire Families

4/16/2012: Press Release: Kuster Campaign Launches Granite State Values Tour

4/10/2012: Press Release: Kuster Announces Raising over $350,000 in the First Quarter

3/29/2012: Congressman Bass votes to end Medicare while protecting tax cuts for big oil

2/24/2012: While Gas Prices Rise, Bass Rewarded for Support of Big Oil