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Union Leader: Obama relaxes rules on illegal immigrants

Published in the Union Leader on June 15, 2012:

Obama relaxes rules on illegal immigrants

MANCHESTER — Two local immigration attorneys and Democrat politicians on Friday praised a new Obama administration policy protecting hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants from deportation, but Reps. Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass, R-NH, said the President is trying to do “an end-run” around Congress on the controversial issue.

President Obama announced the new policy Friday in which illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children will be allowed to obtain work permits and be safe from deportation.

Ann McLane Kuster, Democrat candidate to challenge Bass in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District, praised the President’s action.

“Today’s announcement from President Obama represents a very positive step forward. The fact that we will no longer be punishing young immigrants who are here in our country through no fault of their own and are eligible students is a move that we should all be proud of,” Kuster said. “That these children will no longer have to hide in plain sight in the only country they have known as home, represents a very positive change in our immigration policy.”

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